Jesper Jinx and the Sneezing Season (book #2)

“The author has created an adorable and mischievous character who will stay in the minds of readers long after they finish the book.” Mamta Madhavan, Readers’ Favorite


Jesper Jinx is eleven, and probably the unluckiest person in all of Puffington Hill. Everything he touches seems to end up in sweet disaster. Hence his nickname ‘Jinx’.

It’s Spring time in Puffington Hill, and the most unforgettable Sneezing Season ever for Jesper! In this book, packed full of new wonderfully wicked adventures, you’re going to get to know Chloe, Jesper’s long time future-girlfriend, and meet a Purple Buzzard from the tropical island of Buzzupurplu. Also, there’s Rosie, the grinning Squirrel with an attitude and the infamous Diary Wars.

WARNING: This book causes uncontrollable laughter!

Book #2 | 154 pages | Ages: 8+
ISBN 978-1-5327-1562-4
Foreign Rights sold: Poland, Bulgaria, China, Turkey, Vietnam, Colombia (Spanish for Latin America, covering Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, México and Spanish language in the United States)

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“The author writes these books as though he is having a personal conversation with the reader which is engaging and makes the reader a conspirator in keeping the book secret from poor Jesper.” (Review)

“I love this series. And not least because Jesper is such a fun character, but also because everybody else is caricatured amazingly well. The elder sister, the nosy neighbour, the best friend and even the cheeky squirrel are all captured so beautifully, that flipping from page to page is the most pleasurable experience.” (Review)

“It’s quirky and fun and bound to be a winner with anyone aged 7 to 77 (or even older!)” (Review)

“I love the characters and the humor in this short, easy-to-read book. I believe it would appeal to kids 8-12 years old who are too old for picture books but not quite ready for full-length MG novels yet.” (Review)

“Jesper is a master at coming up with pranks and ideas, granted more often than not they come back at him.” (Review)

“Jesper is becoming an enduring character who you know will have funny, interesting stories as he navigates the tumultuous years of preteen life.” (Review)

“The highlight of the book is Jesper himself. The author has created an adorable and mischievous character who will stay in the minds of readers long after they finish the book.” (Review)